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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Physical self care -

Why is it important? Lets talk...

Physical care is so important, you are a tool that needs to be able to function to allow yourself to be able to work, do activities, go out, spend time with friends and family etc. So if you are not physically okay how can you do that?


Physical care includes but is not limited to-

- Eating healthy, taking time off for breaks, having you time etc. Whatever that will leave you in a relaxed and peaceful state to work better and function better is key or else you cant function for too long before you burn out.


Take some time to reflect on the following-

- How do you feel about your mental state?

- Are you happy with your current routine?

- Are you eating well?

- What changes can you make to accommodate your physical self care?

Think about your self care and the ways in which you can implement this into your day to day.

Take care

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