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About Online Counselling 

Online counselling can be as effective as face to face counselling to help support you on your counselling journey. Online counselling will still have the same process as the face to face counselling, but the major difference will be that rather than travelling to a location for the sessions, you will be able to have the session in your home or safe space. 

Benefits of online counselling- 

Online counselling can be seen as convenient, as it enables the ability to ensure that flexibility and comfort are encouraged for an effective outcome and less time consuming than to have in person counselling. 

Online counselling can be more accessible for those who may not have easy access to move around and or travel frequently for sessions. 

  • It is convenient 

  • You are able to be in your own space 

  • It will still be confidential in a safe space for you 

  • The sessions can be flexible - In any safe setting online 

  • Flexibility in times set to make it more accessible - As people have busy life's and different working hours

  • No limits on location for the sessions - so long as in the UK 

Is Online Counselling effective?

Online counselling is proven to be effective and just as supportive as face to face counselling. The effectiveness of online counselling will involve how well built and trusting your relationship with your counsellor is, how specific issues are addressed and your commitment to the therapeutic process. 

Tips for online counselling? 

  • Online sessions can be held on reliable platforms such as ZOOM 

  • Have a quiet space in your home or office to take the sessions

  • Put your phone on silent to avoid being distracted 

  • Turn any gadgets or devices off, for the duration of your session 

  • Ideal technology to use for the sessions should be - A laptop, Ipad or PC

Sessions can be short term - long term - via Zoom - Via Phone too 

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