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Hello There 

If you have made it to this page then welcome, in this section I share specific information from the mind website and relate to explain the specialized areas I work in to help you in your counselling journey. 

You are welcome here 

I love to help people and the passion that drives what I do is because I have been where you are and didn't always have the support system or right language to speak out and apply the support given. It is very important when going through life's challenges to have the right support and safe space to share in and that is what I offer here and at a pace that suits you, will work with you to a desired result you come up with for your ongoing life journey. 

In this section I also share about the specialties I counsel in with the information taken from relate and the mind 

I also share weekly encouraging content via our newsletters, if you would like to receive that you can do so below- 


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