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About Cherished Voices Counselling Services




         We care - You matter and your voice will be heard. 


Many individuals may be familiar with the term counselling, but they may not have a clear understanding of what it entails. Counselling is a form of therapy where trained professionals, known as counsellors, engage in conversations with clients for a period of time, which can range from short to long term.

The aim of counselling is to assist clients in finding effective solutions or bringing about positive changes to address the challenges they are facing. It's important to note that counsellors do not provide advice to their clients. Instead, they create a safe and confidential environment where clients can freely share their concerns and seek solutions that they believe will be beneficial to them.

Cherished Voices Counselling Services covers a wide range of areas that individuals may encounter, including family issues, inner conflicts, emotional abuse, self-confidence, depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationships. It is designed for those who feel dissatisfied with life in general and seek to achieve a better balance to cope with their challenges. Additionally, it is also suitable for individuals who simply want to maintain a healthy mental state on a regular basis.

When you choose to engage in counselling or are referred by the NHS or a general practitioner (GP), you have the freedom to utilize your counselling sessions as you see fit. Whether it's expressing your emotions through tears, taking moments of silence for reflection, or discussing significant events from your past or present experiences​.

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  • General Counselling

  • Depression

  • Anxiety 

  • Low self confidence

  • Family issues 

  • Emotional abuse

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