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About Cherished Voices Counselling Services


We care - You matter and your voice will be heard. 






People may have heard of counselling, but don't actually know what it is. Counselling is a talking therapy delivered from trained counsellors who work with different clients over a short to long term period of time. To help the client bring about an effective change/solution that will help them in the situations they are facing. Counsellors do not provide advice to their clients, but a safe, confidential, private and undisturbed environment, for the client to come and be able to share what they are facing and in need a solution they feel they will benefit from.

Cherished Voices Counselling Services - Covers a range of different areas one may face such as family issues, internal conflict, emotional abuse, confidence, depression, anxiety, trauma and relationships. It is for those who face dissatisfaction with life in general and need that balance in life to be able to cope. As well as for those who just want to remain in a healthy mental space regularly.

When you opt for counselling, or have been referred to counselling from the NHS, GP etc in the sessions you can choose to use your time how you wish, to cry, sit in silence, talk about your life events whether from the past or present, your feelings, emotions and anything you think you need to talk about.


The counsellor with what you share will work with you to see how best they can help support you and the right course of action you can take, to help you find ways of coping. It will not be an overnight thing but spread out over various sessions to help you come to terms with things to help manage things better.

As mentioned before counselling is not giving the client advice, or persuaded action to do something, talking to a counsellor is not to be mistaken with talking to a friend, parent, partner etc. Here the counsellor will be impartial, professional, able to listen to you, in a non-judgmental way to work with your emotions and not get emotional themselves.

A chance to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others in your life to help you find your own solutions. But make no demands on you, only the terms you both agreed in the therapeutic verbal contract at the beginning of the sessions, stating things such as what to expect from counselling, cancellations, lateness, confidentiality etc.

Whatever you are going through in your life, always know that with counselling it is your safe haven to discuss everything and anything that you are going through at a pace you are comfortable with, without fear of judgement.

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  • General Counselling

  • Depression

  • Anxiety 

  • Low self confidence

  • Family issues 

  • Emotional abuse

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