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In life we all go through challenging times, whether it be disappoints from people, struggles, confusion, feeling alone or being trapped with uncertainty of a better tomorrow. We all have life happen to us and though some have support to tackle the issues, others have to face it all alone. 

Counselling is a route that can help you share what you are facing with the support of a counsellor, safety and the ability to find a solution that suits you to take better care of yourself. 

As a qualified Counsellor, Lisa is an Individual member of the BACP and abides by their ethical framework and code of conduct. Lisa has a passion to help support others in what they are going through, to walk with them in the counselling process to aim for a better, happier life. Lisa is integrative in her approach, with Person Centered Counselling as her core model support to each individual client. To offer counselling in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space, personalized to help each client overcome what they brought to counselling. 

Whether it be to improve their mental health, face life challenges and manage difficulties, with support along the way. The client can use the time in the sessions to help them face what they initially came to counselling with, to share all their concerns and worries without being judged.

Each session is one hour long. How often would be dependent on slots and if the client would want to be seen weekly or fortnightly. Please note that this is counselling and not an opportunity to offer advice. But rather to give the client the opportunity to explore, understand and take control of their life moving forward.

Lisa has experience in and specializes in the following areas -

- Anxiety
-Emotional abuse
-Family issues
-Low self confidence

-Self conflict 

As well as GENERAL counselling for those who have areas in their lives they want to share and work on in the counselling sessions.

The range of people Lisa offers counselling services to-

Young people
Older adults

To work holistically, and acknowledge the importance of the whole person being their – mind, emotions, body and spirit. To help clients deal with their emotions, develop a positive sense of self, reinforce self-awareness and improve self-confidence.

Christian counselling and non Christian counselling services are offered. Working with each client one step at a time to help, support and rebuild lives for the better.

Just know that you can believe in yourself again, you can overcome, you are not what you have been through and with the counselling you can be rest assured to get the support and care you deserve. 


Cherished Voices Counselling Services

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