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Qualified Counsellor - Motivational Inspirational Speaker - Writer 


You Matter And Your Voice Will Be Heard 

Lisa Folie, MBACP is a qualified counsellor, motivational, inspirational speaker and writer. 

Lisa has a passion to help support others in what they are going through, through her style of writing, counselling, motivating and encouraging you can be sure to leave empowered, inspired, encouraged and ready to jump the hurdles you face. 

So whether it'll be to a college community, universities, libraries, churches, schools or Women's groups. ​Would love to hear from you.

Topics Of Interest To Discuss- 


Emotional Abuse 


Building Self Confidence 

Heartbreak and pain 


Healthy Boundaries 


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A Brief Message To You

Life happens to all of us, we go through things, we lose, we win, we learn and we grow. But the common element in the happenings of life is YOU. You are the one who goes through it all and has gone through some things, so it is vital to work on you daily, seek the support and grow.


That is why I am so passionate about helping others win mentally, because when you are able to do that, what you say and do flows from that and if you want to see the results you have to give you healing and going through the trials 100%.

I have been through things, I sought counselling and worked on myself and found that it was so effective and so in becoming a counsellor and motivation on legs has helped me to grow even more, meet different people from all walks of life and give back in a way that impacts and supports others to grow. 

So welcome and cant wait to support you, or speak at your event to you and your community.

Lets Get Connected 

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