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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

The loss of someone is very painful, indescribable and intense to have someone in your life for either part or all of your life to then lose them and never see them again can be hard to process and explain. You are lost for words, struggling to go by day by day and at times you don’t even want to do anything.

The thing with loss is that you then have to live with the memories of that person but don’t have the person there to witness things in life with going forward. It’s a pain that can bring up a lot for you going through that loss and answers you may never get.


But its a process and one that takes strength to live day by day to ensure you are healing and looking after yourself too in the persons absence.

Grief counselling is so vital to help you navigate through the loss, but with this it is also important to try to set healthy boundaries and not be hard on yourself when the days are tough and difficult. It is a hard experience to face and get over, some never do. But it is also important to note that with grief and loss it is not a one size fits all approach for everyone. You must do what will work and help you, not what you are told will help you.

With the loss you might feel-

- Alone

- Guilt

- Fear

- Anxiety

- Anger

- Sadness

- Depression

- Numbness

- Shock

- Abandoned



- Set healthy boundaries

- Allow yourself to feel

- Let it all out, don’t allow yourself to suppress it all

- Consider bereavement counselling

- Talk to someone close to you

- Write a letter to the person you lost expressing things you wanted to tell them

- Keep a diary of your feelings, memories, pictures etc

- Create a memory box for you and the person you lost


Speak soon

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