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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Childhood memories for some can be a good time they remember with family and friends, growing up in love, support and care. They are able to speak so positively about their experience, what they learnt and the gifts or treats they received. You can tell that for them they were able to see that even though there were a few unhappy occurrences, overall it was a good period in their life.

But sadly, there are those whose childhood wasn't pleasant they were raised with little to no love, limited care, punishment, trauma and more. It is sad to think that there are those who were raised in abuse, trauma and little to no comfort, care or support. The stories I have heard have been disheartening. No matter how troublesome a child may be, or if they are young and innocent and don't know any better at that time to understand things, doesn't give adults the right to take advantage of young children.


So what happens is you find that people have grown from the childhood phase in their lives and are now in adulthood. Doing things, saying things, believing things and most times you see that it is as a result of childhood pain and trauma and they are seeing life through the tainted lense of all this negativity and pain. Many people who have experienced pain in their past believe that this is all they deserve and nothing better, they aren't worthy to get the best and they aren't good enough.

What happens in someone's childhood can have a big effect on how they see and view life and interact with people, though many don't notice this. When they come to counselling are able to put pieces together and trace it back to their childhood. Counselling for many is like a helpline for those who see the cracks, are unhappy, depressed, confused or simply want to talk through what they have gone through. So do not always assume that counselling is for the now, but can also be for those who need understanding, clarity and closure from their childhood hurts and pain.


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