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This is the informative page for what you as a young adult needs to know about Cherished Voices Counselling Sessions. If this sounds good to you and you are ready to take the step to receive 1-2-1 counselling then follow the link below to book your 30 minutes consultation call. 

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As a young adult, life can be challenging as you navigate through studies, friendships, starting careers etc. Here at Cherished Voices we want to express our dedication to helping young adults navigate through such challenges and more. Our approach to the counselling sessions are the humanistic approach, which involves that of empathy shown to you, unconditional positive regard and the belief in your individual capacity for growth and self actualisation. 

With each topic that is brought to counselling you can be rest assured that we would explore what you are facing and the changes that come with it, that may be new to you. There will be reflective listening, empathic understanding and non judgemental exploration of your feelings. 

We will address what you identify as your strengths, challenges, weaknesses, negative self beliefs and exploration of self and the effect the issues have on you. 

The client centred approach used in the counselling sessions will view you as the expert of your own experience, to work together to seek out a solution that will best support you. 

As well as collaborating together to set out what you want to take from the counselling sessions, to apply going forward. 

Being a young adult cant be challenging in a sense that you face things that are new to you and may be unsure of how best to navigate them, so having that support that is not in your friendship group, will help you to process and work on what you are going through. 


Click HERE to be taken to the booking page. 

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