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Life has its way of bringing the good, the bad and the ugly. Many stop and start, many take breaks and don't come back to what they started and sadly many end it all because it was too much to bare.

But today if this relates to you in anyway and you are asking yourself questions and feeling overworked, burnt out and discouraged. Why stop now? will be you answering by saying you cant because there is too much you are facing and cant seem to come out of it on the other side.

But I want to encourage you to push, give it another go, work on your mind, seek support and try different things to what you did before..

Here are some pointers to help support you in the right direction-

1). Journal how you really feel and don't sugar coat it

2). Seek professional support to get you on the right path

Find out what is going on within and express it

3). Take up a task weekly that will go towards your self care

4). When you are not okay, act on it don't suppress it

5). What is it that you love doing? Do more of that

6). Take regular breaks to recharge and reset

7). Work on your sleeping pattern and eating pattern

8). Remember your why for why you do all that you do... Let it encourage you daily

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