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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Counselling is a therapeutic relationship developed over time with a counsellor and client. In this relationship it helps the client to be able to bring something to counselling that will help them be better off, post counselling.

There is a close knit bond that is built between the two, one of trust and the freedom to share in a confidential, safe space. The client may find it hard at first to open up but as time goes on the hope is that they become more relaxed and comfortable to share and build whether it is to do with the current time, or past e.g. their childhood. Such cases will enable the counsellor to see the client in a vulnerable way which will lead to a breakthrough step in the right direction.


The counselling lets the client explore and delve deeper into their feelings, life and mental state of being in regards to a specific event.


“The therapeutic relationship is unique in that for many clients, it may be one of the first times they have formed an intimate connection with another person, where the feelings, thoughts or ideas have been allowed to be heard, understood and valued, and where they have not had to censor themselves.”

Seeing a counsellor is different to speaking to friends and family in that friends and family know you and may not be understanding of what you share. Or may not always take it seriously, or have the capacity to engage and deal with what it. This is where the counsellor comes in, impartial, with no judgement, listens and supports in a way friends and family may not be able to.

The therapeutic relationship with the client is beneficial to them because of the characteristics the counsellor brings to the sessions such as their genuineness, empathy, trusting and non- judgemental attitude, care to the client, insight and experience. Even though the counsellor may not have experienced exactly what the client experienced, the counsellor will still be able to show the ability to understand as well as support the client.


The client can be rest assured that what they bring to counselling will have the support of the counsellor to walk them through what they bring. So they can be rest assured that they will be able to get the support they so rightfully need. With one of the aims being that the client was able to have an increased level of self-awareness.

So if you are considering counselling take the step and see how you go and if it is beneficial to you keep on going.

Take care

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