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In life people go through things and do not always have the language for it, or the right support system for it. But it so crucial to be able to work on yourself internally especially to be able to heal from your past, because what you do not face will come out in other ways worse off than previously.

So now that we have been reminded of why processing is vital, let us look at someone who doesn't process what is going on for them internally.

An example of someone who isn’t processing-

🗣Struggles with opening up, so refuses to try.

🗣Struggles with the processing journey to heal, so refuses help..

🗣Tends to be doubtful about the time frame, of how long processing can take.

🗣Focuses too much on the external and neglects the internal.

🗣They have suppressed their childhood so much so that they think they are fine, even with toxic patterns..

Process and heal so that you can be the best version of self in all that you do.

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