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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Self sabotaging can look like someone who creates problems and hardships for themselves to stand in the way of their growth, happiness and success. This can look like procrastination, sabotaging relationships, comfort eating, self injury etc. Some may be unaware they are doing this, but it does more harm than good and brings about self-defeating consequences with difficulty to detach from. It needs to be dealt with in a way that helps the person to address the root of it.


It is important to seek professional help for this to work on your behavioral patterns and self harm. Because self sabotaging acts in a way to damage ones well being.

What self sabotaging can look like-

- Negative thought patterns acted on

- Talking down on yourself to say you aren’t good enough

- Talking yourself out of relationships

- Talking yourself out of good opportunities

- Suppressing feelings and lashing out at people around you

- Pressure to attain perfection without flaws – pressure on self

- Procrastinating on tasks that have to be done

- Acting on assumptions and pushing people away

- Allows distractions to avoid what needs to be said or done

- The desire to avoid emotional pain and so run from it so its not addressed


How to stop self sabotaging-

- Seek professional help

- Get support from those close to you

- Document what you do – and spot the patterns

- Notice when stress comes in and your actions

- Go back to your childhood and notice patterns or things said to you that may have caused this self sabotaging.

- Take time out to self reflect and ask questions

- Embrace improvements, to make incremental progress toward your goal.

- Anticipate future behavior, planning how to respond and take out distractions

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