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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

For a long time therapy has been misunderstood in terms of why people go and what they go for, today I would like to address this and encourage those who are considering counselling to really think about it, do their research and try it out and if it doesn’t work for you for various reasons, but most importantly-

- The therapist wasn’t the right fit for you, there was no connection

- You felt you weren’t listened to by the therapist

- Harm / ill practice caused in the therapy

Then at least you know you tried.

Many assume therapy is for those who aren't sane, or for those who are weak and struggling. But that is not necessarily fully true, many people in life hit a weak point and need the support there is nothing wrong with saying you need help and support.


Here are some of the truths about the necessity of therapy –

- Therapy is a counselling relationship one uses for a safe space to share and offload

- Therapy doesn’t have to be received when something is wrong, but actually the opposite-new life changes, clarity and just knowing there is someone there to talk to and express yourself in a healthy way.

- Therapy can also be for those who have a good, healthy mental state and want to maintain it.

- Therapy doesn’t just have to be when you spot the signs but even before that, for some it can be seen as self care and the ability to love yourself enough to take care of the mental and not just the physical.


So whatever you decide to take therapy for, don’t allow the assumptions dissuade you from receiving it, it’s therapeutic and helps you navigate life better, but not just because of something negative but also positive too.

Take care of yourself and remember you matter and your mental health is important to look after.

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