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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Many times in life we always hear people speak about loss, but in terms of loss of a person close to them, loss of a job, home, material things etc. In one way or another we have all experienced loss.


But today I want to address loss from another aspect – and that is loss of self, it is one thing to lose something, but it’s also another thing to lose yourself. Let me explain.

Many of us grow up, learn things, create new habits, plan out our lives and do a lot, but we forget that as time goes on we grow and a lot of what we did before no longer serves purpose in our lives, our loves and likes, dislikes and opinions can all change. We don’t stay the same forever- how? Look at your life for example the things you love and do now, were you doing them years ago? If not then that in itself can be a loss of the old self and habits in a sense of removing the old and making room for the new.

As much as loss of self occurs, it can also be difficult too embrace that because we can be so used to how we were and the old ways of doing things, that life happens and experiences change you, for the better or worse and many struggle to deal with the loss of self to come into the new and stay stagnant and refuse to grow and get on with life, they can’t see how life will be better or how they can be better – so the gloat, feel sorry for themselves and struggle to allow room for what could potentially work out better for them.

In the loss of self – you can’t stay the same forever, change is vital and saying bye to the old you can open more opportunities and a new outlook on life if you allow it to.

So learn day by day to be free and open to change and that includes understanding that you can change, loss of old self e.g. old habits, tastes and mindset shifts. This isn’t a bad thing, it just shows that life is worth to be lived with changes included.


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