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Today I want to talk about REST....


Life is soo busy at times, there's always things tugging at you, commitments and people that need your time. BUT in the busyness of life it is important to take care of you and rest. PAUSE. REST. PAUSE. Listed below are some of the ways to rest..

PHYSICAL REST Is so important to ensure that your body can take time to rest, slow down and even repair. You are not a robot and so doing this will help you more than you know.

MENTAL REST- Mental health is vital because we all have a mind, in essence looking at the healthy state of your mind. To work on your thoughts process, uprooting the toxic thoughts, concentrating and training your mind to think on good and positive thoughts. Affirmations, mind exercises, chilled music to name a few.

SOCIAL REST– Socializing is also a vital thing to do to get away, be in a new environment and to connect with like minded people. To be in the right environments and around the right people is also key to healthy growth. (Currently in lockdown so will be close to non existent).

EMOTIONAL REST– Emotional baggage is a real thing, it can effect you internally if you do not have an outlet to release it out. Sharing your vulnerability with someone trusted is vital. Whether it be a counsellor, friend or family member.

SENSORY REST– Overload of information is not good for you and so it is important to reconnect with yourself and rest, shut out the world, journal, go out for walks, turn off any devices you use including your phone for some time. Whatever that will help you.

SPIRITUAL REST– For those who are in the faith, that can look like increased times of prayer, reading your bible, meditating on the word, listening to sermons to name a few.

That's it for now, let this encourage you to know that it is okay to rest.

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