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Life is an interesting journey, there will be ups and downs, good news, bad news, not so good times and more. But it is in the inner strength and tenacity to continue going and to have the right mind shift that will help you.

But with this one thing I want to ask you is- WHAT IS YOUR WHY?

Now there will be times where you feel the brakes on life taking over where you feel you cant go on, want to stop and just feel depleted and discouraged. There are times like this were having a supportive community and professional support will help pull you through.

You cant make it in life alone, as if you were on a dessert island on your own, because that in itself is toxic to the point where you will be doing everything alone and have no one to encourage you, take the burden off you, correct you etc.

So to keep this short and sweet here are some tips to keep in mind-

- Have a place where you can express how you feel daily - e.g. voicenotes, journalling etc.

- Have a trusted community you can utilise when you need to talk to someone/ get support.

-Have times carved out in the week for self care and loving you.

-Do self checks and vital hard talks with self on ways to improve/ stop certain bad habits.

-Utilise professional support when things get intense, or even if you want to maintain a healthy mindset.

-Know that saying NO is a complete sentence and answer in general especially when you feel overwhelmed.

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