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Today I want to talk about forgiving your past, said in another way to let your past go and work on healing within without letting what people did or what you did have a hold over you to still have the power to affect you and cause you to react in anger for example. Lets be honest it can be hard to forgive your old self, the decisions you made, the people who hurt you. Yes it can be hard but on the flip side to that it can also be soo freeing. Let me disclose my past to share with you that it can be done and I also have a past I took the decision to heal and move forward from. I have gone through-


Verbal abuse


Suicidal thoughts



Self harming



To name a few.

So I know that it can be hard and I never want to act as though my life is perfect or my past is too. I may be a counsellor now but there was pain that led me to be passionate to help others, in similar or the same as what I have experienced. But it can be done to forgive your past, because today the very things I went through is what I get asked to speak to people about and counsel others in. But I had to be intentional to make the decision that I wanted better, I needed time out to heal and it was okay to know that my past didn’t define me but would make me better.

So I ask you, have you forgiven your past? If not what and or who is stopping you? Because forgiving your past can look like inviting-

- Freedom

- Peace

- Self growth

- Healing

- New you evolving

- Getting better and feeling better

- Growing your confidence

- Attracting good people

To name a few, so think on this and ask yourself this question and sit and process what the answer is and I hope for you that it will look like taking the steps to forgive your past and know that it is okay if up and down thoughts play its role in your mind, you stumble and are unsure. It is a process and things will begin to unravel and make sense for you with time. Don’t expect it all to come at a go, be easy and kind to yourself.

Today has been quite a heavy share but one that I hope encourages you to know that your past doesn't define you and there can always be better and more to receive and make of yourself.

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