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Updated: Feb 5, 2021


5). There are moments in the day that can be highlighted for how they make you feel and or showcasing things you like to do, even if its 15/20 minutes, with you in the present moment to pause and reflect, be with nature, journaling, reading etc. whatever that can aid your self-support and growth. It can all aid with recovery.

6). Allow yourself the permission to cry, whatever can be felt can be released so if its crying that is your release feel comfortable in doing so to relief yourself of the pain and to avoid suppressing.

7). Listen to any music or instrumentals that you love that can help you release, reflect and be in the moment even if its for 10/15/20 minutes, it can help aid that healing process.


8). Treat yourself and get pampered, you matter, you count and you deserve the best in life too, be it spa time, walks, anything that can be considered as treating yourself to make yourself feel and look great.


10). Have the right people around you, whether it be family or close friends it is important to get the support, love and encouragement from those close to you. Spend time with them, be in the moment and enjoy the time don’t rush the process or time spent with those close.

11). Last but not least realizing that professional help is necessary and for you may be needed. Allowing yourself to hear you speak, get the support, the time to vent and let it all out and to feel good knowing that you are getting the support you need and the time to process what you are going through. But being mindful too that it takes time to heal and process all the trauma that has been experienced so don’t rush the process and through it all be kind to yourself.

Take care of you

Speak soon

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