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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

In life we all experience hardship, pain, unforeseen unfortunate events and from this can come trauma. Trauma not just limited to internal can also cause injuries and damage. What is seen and what is not seen but is felt. What happens with some is that they don’t always deal with the trauma and emotional breakdown and so stay with it for years. That is not healthy and it is important to address any pain felt to enable us to heal, grow and learn.

Emotional trauma is a real thing and something that isn’t spoken about enough, but for recovery and the ability to be able to move forward should be addressed for your mental stability.



Take some moments to look at your present and your past and note down if there are any points that you can address that brings up old wounds, present wounds and what triggers come with that. Let this guide also help you to know if you will need professional support and how to address these hurts.

I will list out some ways to help you with coping strategies to ensure that you are able to get the support, search within and or go further to receiving professional support. You matter and so does your mental health.

1). Be kind to yourself – what does that look like? Speaking nice things over yourself, celebrating your small and big wins to this point. Taking time to just be still with your thoughts and compliments for self. For the trauma identify if it’s emotional or physical injury and remind yourself that though you faced all that you did or currently facing you are still here, breathing and willing to push through to be okay and get what you need to heal.


2). Give yourself time, time to take it all in, time to heal and time to rest and be kind to self. You deserve that and it is important to apply.

3). Trauma is inflicted from others to you through traumatic experiences, emotionally or physically you feel it. Daily there may be triggers or flashbacks and so with that remember that taking it easy is vital and healing is a journey. What tends to happen is that we are hard on ourselves and escalate even the smallest of things that happen to be bigger as a way to be hard on ourselves. A trait that can linger and make the pain more unbearable because you are not just dealing with what others have done to you, but now how hard you are being on yourself. You are doing the best that you can do with what you have.

4). Work on your mindset- what you think is what you speak and what you speak is what you act on. So the mind is the tool to help you navigate through what you are going through – so thinking positively is vital. Your declarations, self-encouragement, affirmations and daily interactions. Each step you take is for the better, take it a day at a time and be mindful of the words you use for yourself.


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