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Want to discuss this because it’s this level of anxiety and panic attacks that can hinder you from However, if your fears become debilitating or prevent you from performing your usual activities, you could have an anxiety or panic disorder.

Anxiety and panic disorders are overwhelming conditions, and many of us suffer from them. To better understand if your anxious feelings could be a sign of an anxiety or panic disorder.


Not everyone is the same, but these are some of the most common symptoms to look out for-

1. Heart racing, or unable to breathe normally

2. Fears you can’t control, e.g. crowded places, driving, or being in a position where you may have to converse in front of a group of people. These are all signs to look out for, what is that you find yourself in or think about that makes you fearful.

3. Having a strong belief that something bad and terrible will happen if things are not done in an exact and precise way you feel to be right.

4. The inability to concentrate and the feeling of your mind wandering to different things.


5. Repetitive movements, such as walking around the same area over and over again, or repetitively twitching your fingers or toes

6. Numbness in your hands, fingers, toes, and legs, or feeling like you can’t stand up

7. Fear of people around you and the desire of wanting to be alone

8. The inability to leave your home, past the front area

9. Normal activities you’re always involved in become overwhelming for you


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