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(PART 2)

6. Build up your confidence it is important to do this. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Review your achievements and set meaningful goals. Stand up tall and smile.

7. Bring the issues up with your partner let it be known there are things you are not okay with, how you are being treated and what it is that you want. Stand your position and be confident in what you share.

8. Be at a steady pace and be firm and clear in what you share with your partner address the points in a calm and collected approach.

9. Set limits and healthy boundaries. Your partner may become defensive or try to change the subject. Tell them that you need to resolve this issue. Try to set healthy boundaries and negotiate conditions that will help both of you to feel understood.


4. Apologize selectively. Do you apologize just to avoid conflicts? Train yourself to save your regrets for situations where you really are at fault. Be consistent so your partner will know what to expect.

5. Be sure to act independently, when it comes to gaslighting it occurs when one partner feels significantly less powerful than the other. In reality, you are probably more capable than you think.

6. Show some empathy. It may help to know that gaslighting says more about your partner than it does about you. It could be the only way they know how to deal with stress or a way to hide their own insecurities. You can love them without approving of their behavior.

7. Seek counseling. A counsellor who can support you in this area, to help you turn things around. Invite your partner to join you or go on your own.


If you’re concerned about patterns in your relationship that make you doubt yourself, you could be the victim of gaslighting. Stand up for yourself and talk with your partner. You may be able to settle your differences more constructively. Just don't overlook it.

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