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As much as there are relationships that work and are doing well there are however relationships that aren’t as strong and can be quite toxic. Gaslighting can essentially affect and harm your relationship, confidence and trust. Especially when you are continually undermined and made to question yourself.

Here are some tips for those who feel as though their partner is gaslighting them and what they can do to try to work on this area and communication.


Steps to Take by Yourself:

1. Be able to spot the signs and make it known, look at the behavior, words spoken, what you are told, how it makes you feel and what they say to belittle you. If you are left questioning yourself and unsure if you are the problem.

2. Accept and do not minimalize how you feel, feel it and process it, what you feel is normal and natural. It is a part of you and shouldn’t be dismissed so identifying them and acting on it is vital.

3. It is good to keep track of things said and done, keeping record can allow you to confront what is said to you, whether documented texts, voice notes other forms of communication etc.


4. It is important to be able to not isolate yourself from others and have a strong community around you, have family and friends support you and people you can talk to.

5. Look at your options and evaluate them and decide what will work for you and what you want for your future, its not just about the now but the future too. Can you see change happening? Are you still willing to stay?


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